Politics in the mind dragon ball it is an indifferent element for narrative purposes, as it in no way touches on the main events. Nevertheless, the Sensei laid the foundation for the description of the form of government within the work.

For the uninitiated, Akira Toriyama has designed Dragon Ball's land as Pangea, a place that's a little different from the real thing. In connection with this, there is also a more detailed map with the most iconic locations of the series.

As for politics within the plant, according to the information that has emerged, it would not be a true democracy revolving around the inhabitants of the earth. This would indeed be one Federation composed of 43 districts with big differences in economy and availability. Besides, in the capital there would be the 'royal castle', or the residence of the ruler of the nation. What makes it incredibly socially complex is the quality of life, which varies greatly by location. For example, large cities have excellent infrastructure, while some rural areas even suffer from water shortages. Another example, however, is Satan City, where there is no lack of a school with all the comforts, quite the opposite of the district where Goku lives, where there is no structure dedicated to education.

And you instead, what do you think of the politics in Dragon Ball? Tell us what you think about it with a comment below.

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