Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta will save the earth from Molo in a fan-made manga

The latest events from Dragon Ball Super have returned to the realm of the predictable after Goku made an evil decision, to say the least, for the good of the earth and its people. Anyone who could take on the task of correcting the protagonist's mistakes is Vegeta, still far from the battlefield.

The Molo saga is coming to an end, and already with Chapter 66 of Dragon Ball Super this month, we can witness the completion of the current narrative arc and a taste of the future of the franchise during the Jump Festa 2021. Due to Goku not listening to Jaco and Whis's suggestions, the earth is now in grave danger and could explode if Molo absorbs more energy from the Saiyan's attacks.

The only one who can do something seems to be Vegeta what thanks to the technology of Forced spiritual divisioncan remove pieces of energy from the wizard's body and separate it from merging with the planet. A fan, a certain one Kami Sama Explorerwanted to pay homage to the final moments of the battle in a few original tables appended at the bottom of the news where Vegeta makes the decision to use teleportation to remove Molo from Earth and sacrifice himself for the good of humanity.

Few pages, but that could really predict the outcome of the fight. We just have to wait for the next few weeks to see how the saga of the Prisoner of the Galactic Patrol will end.

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