Anime: According to research, 30% of speakers would like to die at work

The actor's job is not as simple as one might expect: Constantly being in public and being pressured by it very often leads to depression. Although the world of dubbing is done behind the scenes, it is also affected by this problem, especially in theJapanese anime industry.

According to a recent poll by the Japan Actors Union, 30% of speakers said they did die because of their work. In Japan, voice actors are subject to strict expectations and are advertised and presented as real actors. For some of them, this pressure does not seem manageable.

The information was gathered by interviewing a total of 166 voice actors. Of the respondents, 48 ​​gave Having thought about suicide because of their profession. The full report is pending, but these early results are worrying and should change the way speakers see the public.

The main concerns seem to be coming exhausting working hours and constant public harassment. The Japan Actors Union consulted a psychiatrist to better clarify the results of the survey. ""Entertainers are constantly being judged on social media and have diet and sleep restrictions. So it's easy to get stressed and have no one to share your worries with. This can lead to thoughts of suicide".

The suicide topic is one of the hottest in the Japanese country. During 2020, more than 13,000 people resorted to this extreme act. an impressive number, well above the number of deaths from serious illnesses like Covid-19. The survey, conducted by the Japan Actors Union, will result in a mental health service for all speakers in need of advice. Meanwhile, the Japanese anime industry has been slowed down by the global pandemic. Darling at Franxx Studio has announced a new anime.

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