My Hero Academia: What do we know about Midoriya and Shigaraki clash?

My hero academia It hasn't always had a dark hue, but lately the series has delved into a very intense story arc. None of the previous arches have been as dense as the current raid arch, and it looks like the story is about to end.

In this arc we were faced with perhaps the most devastating battle in the entire manga of My hero academia. Shigaraki couldn't steal the one for allAll thanks to the help of previous users of the Eigenart. All For One hopes Shigaraki can escape, but doesn't seem ready to do so.

Shigaraki regained control during the confrontation with himself Izuku. All for one she asks him to stop the fight because of his serious injuries. His quirk allows him to regenerate, but at this point in battle it barely works, although Shigaraki won't give up the fight.

As far as we know, Midoriya does not have the strength to regenerate and her wounds are unlikely to heal. Deku undoubtedly suffered permanent damage in this battle. Fortunately Todoroki helps Midoriya, but Shigaraki doesn't seem ready to spare him.

At this point things start to get less intense between the two, now exhausted from the fight, but we still don't know how this My Hero Academia arc will play out. But what happened so far in Chapter 282? In the following chapters, the clash between Midoriya and Shigaraki has left room for two more characters: Uraraka and Toga, and we learn what Uraraka really feels about Deku.

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