Like every month, the appointment is with Dragonball Super punctually returns to Manga Plus, Shueisha's online service, to read the latest chapters of the publishing giant's leading manga for free. The new edition of the manga edited by Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro is now available for reading.

A few days after the end of the Jump Festa, an event in which the franchise became the protagonist with DB Super: Super Hero, the paper counterpart returns to start talking about the continuation of the clash between Gas and Granolah. the two strongest warriors in the universe. For the most part, actually Toyotaro drew readers' attention to the battle between the two characters.

Thanks to the senzou therefore, Granolah he has regained his energy and goes with maximum strength against the henchman of the Heeters, who finally frees Goku from his grip in order to face the Cerelean. Somehow the alien from the planet Cereal seems to be superior to his opponent, who, however, as Monaito says, only fights with his original techniques, which is why the weapons he hurls at Granolah are almost, if not completely ineffective.

Aware of being inferior to his opponent in this way, Gas decides to get serious and put his old style aside in favor of melee and powerful energy attacks. The collision seems to be balanced again, even if the fast-paced man proves to be more comfortable with the new skills and faster with teleportation. This speed puts Granolah in an advantageous position and is now firmly convinced that he can emerge victorious from the battle. Meanwhile, two exhausted Goku and Vegeta watch their fight closely.

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