The start date of the culling game is getting closer. In a race against time, Yuji and Megumi went to the underground fighting club run by Kinji Hakari, a third-year student whom they would like to seek cooperation during the bloody tournament. But what is Hakari capable of? Let's find out by reading the events of chapter 155 of. analyze Jujutsu Kaisen.

Gege Akutami had closed the last appointment with a very special twist, a job offer and easy money for Yuji by Kinji himself. Indeed, Hakari, struck by Yuji's fight and most of all aware of the fact that he and Megumi, who entered through the ventilation ducts, are Jujutsu High studentsHe immediately called the protagonist into his studio.

Unfortunately for Yuji, a fight takes place on the roof between Megumi, Panda and Hakari's partner Kirara, who, thanks to her amazing skills, gets the two students into considerable trouble. Is accurate Thanks to the girl for making Hakari understand the situation, and after a call from him as a warning sign, the fight club manager goes on to attack. As reported in the @soukatsu post below, the power that Hakari has shown so far would affect the appearance of doors out of nowhere which are very reminiscent of those on the subway and lure Yuji into a trap for a moment.

A technique that can certainly surprise the opponent, but which initially seems rather weak and does not correspond to what Satoru Gojo had announced regarding Kinji's martial arts. However, the student is sure to have some tricks up his sleeve, considering what the author himself revealed who stated how much it is complex to adequately integrate such a special technology.

Remember, an enthusiast envisioned Satoru Gojo in the style of Studio Ghibli, and we're leaving you to a disturbing cosplay of Fushiguro owned by Sukuna.

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