Koyoharu Gotouge's Little Gem, Demon Hunterproved to be a media and financial success following the massive anime adaptation curated by ufotable Studio, further increasing the franchise's popularity around the world.

Demon Slayer's success has in some ways emulated that of Dragon Ball, a resemblance that, while seemingly very distant, has a lot more in common than just a few. However, one of them has a completely different format as it is an initiative aimed at engaging the Japanese student body.

In fact, beginning with the month of April, High school textbooks in Japan will include Demon Slayer. This is the second manga after Dragon Ball to become part of school textbooks, an event that sums up the importance of the little jewel of goodness Sensei in the Japanese cultural landscape.

In the meantime, however, studio ufotable is working on Season 3 of Demon Slayer, which according to the latest statements on the subject should be reaching new heights on the animation front. And you on the other hand, what do you think about the manga's appearance in Japanese textbooks, did you expect it? As usual, let us know with a comment below.

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