Saitama's presentation in One-Punch Man dates back to a decade ago. The remake of the manga by Yusuke Murata is now the most well-known of all, while only the most ardent fans of the series follow the releases of the webcomic produced by ONE and still in the works. in all this time Many characters were introduced.

The wish of the protagonist of One punch man it becomes after a while to join the organization of heroes. The bald man uses his power and is pushed forward by Genos. He tries his hand at the tests, but ends up in the last positions due to poor theoretical results, but breaks all records on the physical front. He still finds himself in Class C, a far cry from One-Punch Man's S-Class heroes, the strongest.

Among them are monstrous individuals with fearsome abilities. At the top seats sits the psychic heroine Tatsumaki, a woman of small stature and girlish appearance, with curly green hair, who is able to wield mental power at the highest level. Russian cosplayer Lit decided to take a look psychic strength in Tatsumaki cosplay prepared by her and shown in the photo. Sitting, she drinks a coffee with the power of thought while reading a book.

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