The first trailer for Malevolent Spirits: Monogatari formalized the anime adaptation of Onigunsou's manga. Finally, a lot of new material has been added that you can get a better picture of Malevolent Spirits: Mononogatari.

The official Twitter account of the anime has actually unveiled a new promotional video, a new visual and premiere date on November 17th, namely the January 9, 2023.

there new optics, visible at the end of the news, shows the logo of the anime: black writing in Japanese characters with inner and especially outer gold tones. Below the elegant writing are the broadcast TV channels, namely Tokyo MX and BS11 and the exact debut date. The overall picture is a complete presentation of all the main characters from Malevolent Spirits: Mononogatari.

That new trailer reveals and anticipates ARCANA PROJECT's Koigoromo opening theme and TRUE's rebind ending theme. There are frames for all the main characters and there's no shortage of intense combat and soulful moments. And the promo ends with the cast: Takeo Otsuka is Hyoma Kunato, Yuki Takada is Botan Nagatsuki.

What improvisations did you do? Malevolent Spirits: Mononogatari? Maybe the main character vaguely reminds you of someone? In the meantime, we leave you with our review of Jujutsu Kaisen.

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