Choujin X., the new dark fantasy manga from the author of Tokyo Ghoul, was published as a surprise on MangaPlus, with a first colossal chapter of 81 pages. The series was presented by Sui Ishida last November, while the official logo was only shown two days ago.

Choujin X, translated as Superhero X, tells the story of Azuma Higashi and Tokyo Kurohara, two sixteen-year-old boys who live in a world populated by Choujin, people with terrible superpowers. After witnessing the crash of an airplane, the two are attacked by a fearsome enemy and put on the ropes You decide to make a surprising decision.

Choujin X is an action-packed dark fantasy manga with multiple scenes of violence and blood. The similarities to Tokyo Ghoul are wasted, but the quality of the work after the first chapter seems absolutely on par with the previous manga. MangaPlus confirms that Choujin X will have an intermittent release, or that the chapters are published according to the author's obligations. Sui Ishida suffered from health and stress problems during the Tokyo Ghoul serialization. So it's only natural that if she has to revisit writing and drawing, she'd rather spend a little more time publishing.

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