The paranormal war of liberation that took place in My hero academia season 6 it had devastating effects on society. However, the worst consequences are felt by those who took part in the battle. Indeed, the terror of the encounter with the villains causes serious psychological damage.

Although the dead were numerous, he who The worst affected by the war is Number One Endeavor. The sins he committed in the past have returned to overwhelm him in a state of fear and suffering. On the other hand, the son long thought dead is actually the villain named Dabi.

In the battle, Endeavor suffered serious wounds. A lung and a large part of his body were burned from the intensity of using his own Quirk. The Flame Hero was also pierced multiple times. Its in the central hospital Living conditions now seem to have stabilized but not the psychological ones.

In My Hero Academia 6x16 Endeavor is completely destroyed by Toya Todoroki's revelation and the demise of his family. As if that weren't enough for him, civilians outside the hospital accuse him of being the main suspect in the serious bankruptcy. In tears, she is one step away from hanging up her cloak due to the intense guilt compelling her soul. However, soon the Todoroki family will gather in My Hero Academia to deal with the Dabi issue.

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