The wait is over. The debut of the second part of the successful manga chainsaw man it's available on Shueisha's website and in the official Manga Plus app.Denji's return to the high school context surprises and at the same time immediately brings us back to the rough and violent atmosphere to which the talented Tatsuki Fujimoto has accustomed us.

By Title"bird and war', Chapter 98 of Chainsaw Man marks a new beginning in the story, which is also reflected in the number of tables, 56, characteristic of the first chapters of the manga. The chapter begins with a presentation to a class of high school students Bucky, a devil that looks like a headless chicken, also included in the promotional material published in the last few days. A girl of this class is particularly disturbed by the demon sitting on her desk and laments the horrible life that characterizes the town.

A quick three-month time skip brings us to Bucky, who has grown visually, and when the professor tells the class that he wants someone to kill him, the students disagree. When a girl explains it Consider Bucky a friendthe teacher is touched: he has managed to teach them the importance of friendship.

The protagonist stays on the sidelines while the others have fun playing soccer with Bucky, and it's the devil that's approaching Asa Mitaka to invite you to participate. Happy to catch up with the others, Asa runs and holds Bucky in her arms. Unfortunately, the girl falls and kills Bucky. Everyone bursts into tears for their friend, and the days go by with Mitaka's growing despair.

However, one evening she is accompanied by some companions to go to Bucky's grave and in one of the alleys Prez transforms, having made a pact with the devil of justice, he wants to be happy with Professor Tanaka, and so does he must kill the protagonist. . In a disturbing chart, Fujimoto shows us the death of Mitaka, who is soon contacted by a crow. Made the pact with the bird Mitaka comes back to life as a war devilready to kill her partner and give her the happy ending she longs for.

The manga's return ends with Mitaka sitting on a cluster of organs and contemplating it how to face chainsaw man.

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