As we all know, the anime is from chainsaw man will make its debut in October 2022. Produced by Studio MAPPA, the work is already being eagerly awaited, largely thanks to the success of Tatsuki Fujimoto's original manga. The author is busy writing the second part of the work after completing the first in 2020.

According to the producer, the Chainsaw Man anime will be one of the best of 2022 and given the previous works of study MAP We can only rely on his words. After all, the trailers shown featured some really smooth and well-crafted animation that lived up to Fujimoto's designs.

to latest Crunchyroll exhibition Executive Producer of Chainsaw Man and CEO of MAPPA Studio Manabu Otsuka revealed what his favorite manga volume is and why. Otsuka stated that his favorite volume of Chainsaw Man is 9 which contains chapters 71 to 79 with these words: "For me Volume 9 is really outstanding and I've read it over and over again. It takes an interesting look at the relationships between the characters in Chainsaw Man and the world in which they react to each other. It's really cool to see how the relationships and therefore the overall development of the characters have evolved since the beginning of the series."

We remind you that the anime Chainsaw Man will be available in simulcast crispy roll from October, every week with a new episode. Will a modern shonen based on the fights and relationships between the protagonists like Chainsaw Man be able to conquer the public?

We leave you with the final details on the production of Chainsaw Man

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