Chainsaw Man has seen a drop in book sales, despite its strong start and a fan-favorite anime. The switch from Denji to Asa Mitaka as the lead isn't causing this slump. It's the lack of a fresh anime season to keep the hype up.

After the anime's debut, the manga's sales spiked, with the thirteenth volume selling over 500,000 copies in six days. But by the sixteenth volume, sales had fallen to less than 300,000. This data comes from Oricon's sales charts.

Online, it's a different story. Over 3.5 million readers tune in for each new chapter on Shonen Jump+. The first chapter of the latest arc hit 15 million reads. So, the series still grabs attention; it's just that fans aren't buying as many physical copies.

The takeaway? The series needs another anime boost to match its online success in print sales. While waiting for that, check out other works by Fujimoto for a good read.

Discuss these trends with your manga-loving friends and see what they think about the future of Chainsaw Man.

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