The wait was long but in the end Tatsuki Fujimoto brought the audience what he wanted. After experiencing the oneshots of Look Back, Farewell Eri, and Futsuu ni Kiite Kure, the mangaka is back on Shonen Jump+ chainsaw manrebooted with Chapter 98, which completely changed the setting we were familiar with.

High school, lots of students and a special situation with a new devil, the chicken Bucky, no Denji around and no characters that we already knew from the first part chainsaw man. Obviously things have changed as the pages progressed with the introduction of a new devil that turned out to be extremely brutal and that will surely take center stage in this second part of the manga.

The war devil who took possession of Asa Mitaka's body unleashed a unique power in just a few pages: he removed the professor's spine, built hand grenades with the class president's arms and finally blew the whole thing up into truly grotesque tables. Some fans immediately liked the character like Kieca who created this Chainsaw Man fan video featuring the Devil's War who uses his first power and creates a sword with the spine. A very short video that, however, concentrates all the blood drawn by Fujimoto.

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