The flying arena where Tomura Shigaraki is imprisoned becomes a battlefield that is difficult to manage. Also with the intervention of Eraserhead and Monoma, the villain of My hero academy seems to have a big advantage. But there are those who will not give up in the face of the enemy's superiority: Bakugo pulls out his arsenal and prepares to attack.

The cover and coloring page are used to celebrate the anniversary of My Hero Academia but this Chapter 359 is certainly not a festive chapter. In the basement, the hero department is working on a documentary about what happened to pass it all on to posterity, while on the surface the Bakugo attack continues. The explosion is extremely large and causes a great stir. In any case, there was no damage whatsoever to the structure, but Bakugo was hit the hardest.

In fact, Shigaraki grabbed his right arm, breaking it and also wounding him in the face. Although the villain is partially charred, the boy is now in trouble and not even the help of Best Jeanist and Mirko is enough to save him. In fact, Shigaraki wants to use Bakugo's friendship with Midoriya to hurt him. Meanwhile, in a classroom at UA, Tamaki plans to hold the graduation ceremony. Nejire agrees and all together will do it once the fight is won. Mirio Togata also emerges from the floor, with the three returning to the battlefield to protect everyone until Midoriya arrives. The Yuei Big Three are back.

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