The threat of Code and Ada materialized over the course of the last few chapters of Boruto: Naruto the next generations, even within the walls of Leaf Village. So let's see how the protagonists behaved in Chapter 70 available on the site and in the application of Manga Plus.

Justified "From the bottom of my heart', The new date with the manga begins by resuming the exchange of words between Shikamaru and Ada that started in the final tables of Chapter 69. The Hokage Advisor actually tries to get Ada to go by Konoha's side and promises her a meeting with Kawaki. While Code holds Amado Shikamaru notices something special about the girl's left eye.

Meanwhile, Naruto arrives at the lab's door but is unable to enter. Thanks to the telepathic connection made possible by Ino's technique, Shikamaru warns the Hokage that he is trying to keep him away from enemies. Naruto is joined by Boruto and Sasukeand despite the precautions and security measures taken by Shikamaru, Ada is able to see who is behind the door and understand the situation.

It takes the city council a few seconds to realize that Ada owns the Senringan. A brief clip takes readers to the infirmary, where Kawaki talks to Sumire about the importance of the powers of karma that allowed him to save the Hokage. Code returns to the lab and continues to pressure Amado to have his karma restored.

When Ada Code reveals that Kawaki is on the way, the former Kara member looks worried, and when Amado and Shikamaru start telepathically arguing, generates a portal and decides to take the scientist with him. In a desperate attempt to stop her, Nara uses one of her techniques, and Ada calls Delta, now madly in love with her, to her aid. To avoid Delta's attack, Shikamaru disables the tech and the three enter the portal.

Kawaki arrives just as Code goes through the portal, and the scene goes into the boy's and Ada's hideout. After some prompting, Amado, surprised by Daemon's presence, issues an order. A cloud of smoke envelops code and then explodes, releasing a lot of energy. The same table shows the new code designnow with hair pinned up, very light and voluminous eyelashes and a circle around the eyes.

The chapter ends with Code threateningly approaching Amado and saying he's sorry for the pain he's caused.

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