After over three years of programming The Black Clover Anime has ended. The auction adventure that followed many viewers on Japanese television screens and was not temporarily interrupted due to the too close proximity between manga and anime, with Studio Pierrot choosing not to do too much with the filler episodes.

But Black Clover ended with episode 170, staged on Crunchyroll Tuesday, March 30th, 2021. At an animated level, the product will continue with a feature film, but it is not yet known whether it is an original or whether it is based on the manga. For opera fans who want to follow the story further, there is of course the manga.

Which chapter to read Black Clover after episode 170?? This last episode relates to the events that took place in chapters 267-269, and it is from here that it is necessary to keep up with the events of Yuki Tabata. The chapter is therefore Black clover 269, available in the Tankobon number 27.

Remember that Black Clover is available in English and Spanish MangaPlus with the weekly publication of the chapters, while in Italy of Manga is published by Planet MangaAt the moment, the last published chapter of the manga in Weekly Shonen Jump is 287.

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