My hero academia is undoubtedly one of the series published by Weekly Shonen Jump that has achieved the greatest success among fans, and with the anime's recent return with season five, it seems that Midoriya and his companions have decided to ally with the Japanese government to face the age-old problem of piracy directly.

Like many of the sectors also related to Publication of material in digital formatIndeed, piracy continues to be a major problem, and while it is extremely difficult, if not a utopia, to eradicate all traces of piracy on the web, Japan is taking very important steps to accomplish this goal.

In the last few years, the severe measures resulted in the closure of numerous websites offering episodes and chapters to users in a completely illegal manner. Just think of Kiss Anime, which has reached many countries and offers an impressive amount of anime and manga. Therefore, the Japanese government is continuing its policy with the goal limit this phenomenon as much as possibleand it is therefore not surprising that he has chosen to team up with one of the most important modern franchises, as you can see in the video at the top of the page.

In fact, Horikoshi's series continues to record important numbersEspecially with the return of the anime, the announcement of the third film, My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission, and the debut of the latest storyline in the manga. Recall that Endeavor might be close to an important meeting, and we'll leave our recap of episode 5x01 of My Hero Academia to you.

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