While The zodiac knightsThe bronze armor worn by the protagonists was destroyed and rebuilt several times. Bathed in the divine blood of the goddess Athena, they are called the cloth of God in their last incarnation. Here Ikki wears the sacred robes of the constellation of the Phoenix.

This magnificent collector's statue was made by Gantaku and shows Ikki with the God fabric of the phoenix, that is the last development of the bronze cloth impregnated with the divine blood of Athena. In the original manga, these armors are considered to be superior to all other fabrics and even compared to the kamui of the gods.

The 70 centimeter tall figure sees the bronze rider defiantly raising his fist. Behind him the fiery phoenix is ready to get up again and beat opponents. At a price of 1149 euros, this magnificent collector's item offers details of absolute relevance. In addition to the spectacular and careful construction of the Cloth V4, the face in particular is well made.

And what do you think of this incredible collector's statue? Would you like to add it to your showcase? The cosmos of the phoenix burns out in this other character, The Knights of the Zodiac. Shiryu unleashes the secret blow of the rising dragon in this statue of the Knight of the Zodiac.

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