Black Clover’s long hiatus observed in mid-2022 brought the manga in bursting fashion in the final arc. The series therefore comes to an end, with a Battle against Lucius Zogratis which will serve to decide the fate of humanity in a confrontation between the magical Knights of Clover and the enemy’s angelic Paladins.

However, this break was not the only one the author took. have in the last few months Yuki Tabata has been held back from publication many times, with Weekly Shonen Jump giving the mangaka a week or two several times a month. This certainly slowed down the work, but allowed the author to better reflect on future developments and recover from the exertion of the work.

Now, after the first Black Clover 358 spoilers and pictures, there is news that will surely not please all readers of the series. Black Clover takes a break, skip the publication of two issues: the #23 and #24 issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Added to this is the magazine’s break week, celebrated at the end of April on the occasion of Golden Week, which forces all manga to take a break.

This means that the Chapter 359 of Black Clover will be released on Manga Plus on May 21, 2023. It’s a month’s confinement by all accounts from publication. Given the latest happenings in the Kingdom of Clover, it will surely help keep readers engaged.

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