Berserk's last hiatus dates back to November 2020 and it certainly wasn't new. By now, all readers of Kentaro Miura's manga know that with each published chapter they have to deal with a pause that can be as short as long and endless.

Fortunately, this time it didn't take long for the mangaka and its studio GAGA to produce the new chapter. In fact, in January, Berserk 363 will appear in the Hakusensha House fortnightly magazine Young Animal in a few weeks. It means We will see Gatsu again shortly and his companions. But there were times when readers had to wait a long time. In the more than 30 years of publication, what was that longer break as a berserker?

Perhaps to everyone's surprise, the manga was fairly regular through 2003, bringing the magazine at least twenty chapters per year out of 24 available editions despite the occasional skip of publication. However, from 2004 onwards, the manga appearances become less and less, reaching the few publications that we have seen in recent years. The Berserk's longest rest period was a year and a half occurred between the beginning of December 2012 and the end of March 2014. This is the time it takes for the publication between Chapters 333 and 334.

Compared to that period between 2013 and 2015, Kentaro Miura currently seems to be able to maintain what is certainly a sparse but still regular serialization. And of course every fan hopes that these breaks will come to shrink more and more in the face of the berserk finale.

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