After Mangaka Akira Toriyama turned his first storylines around humans, his Dragon Ball focused on monsters, demons, and aliens. One of the strongest Goku was the Great Little Wizard, who however gave birth to his son before his death. known simply as piccolo.

The story of this character, renamed Junior in the Italian anime, is then generated in the final stages of Dragon Ball. Piccolo was born from the egg a few hours after the defeat of his father and already shows himself as a being (at the time still of demonic origin) with a physique like that of a human child from 4 to 5 years old, but with extraordinary strength. It was the year 753 and from that moment we begin to understand that Piccolo's growth and age over the course of Dragon Ball.

A few years later, at the opening of the Tenkaichi 23 tournament, Piccolo presents himself as a warrior who is only three years old but has a well developed body on par with that of a young adult. Here he will face Goku and lose, only to see him again years later on the occasion of Raditz's arrival. When he became Gohan's master during the Saiyan saga in Dragon Ball Z, Piccolo is 8 years old.

He will then reach 9 years to face Vegeta, 11 against the androids and 21 in the Majin Buu saga. At the end of the Dragon Ball Z series, when the group of protagonists met Uub, Piccolo is 31 years old. Considering the fact that the character died during the saga, it is necessary to add a year of physical age after the Saiyan saga.

It immediately catches the eye, since Piccolo, despite his power, is often a young character by earth standards, while he has shown that the Namekkians have very pronounced growththat Dende, for example, didn't have. There are other curiosities about Piccolo too, while a fan art takes us back to the moments when he coached Gohan.

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