Yu-Gi-Oh!: The young dark magician, ready for Halloween, let’s see Lisa Mancini’s cosplay

It's the end of October and that's why Halloween is approaching. Some authors have already prepared unpublished designs, as happened to the protagonists of EDENS ZERO. Fans also contribute by re-introducing their favorite characters in a Halloween version. This phenomenon has also made itself felt in the last few hours Yu-Gi-Oh!.

In fact, Canadian cosplayer Lisa Mancini presented one Cosplay about the Young Dark Magician, a well-known Yu-Gi-Oh card and one of the most commonly used by Yugi Muto during the first animated series. The card has impressed fans too, considering how much merchandising it still revolves around today. However, going back to the cosplay, which you can see below, there is a huge departure from the original costume.

Lisa Mancini actually decided to present one Young dark magician in the Halloween versionto celebrate the famous festival of Celtic origin and then became commercial in the United States of America in the last century. The young dark magician then sees her dress change from blue and pink to black and purple, with her wand bringing a Halloween pumpkin back onto it. The blonde and long hair, however, remained the same.

If that's what you prefer classic Yu-Gi-Oh wizardWe remind you that there is the Cosplay of the Young Dark Magician created by Lufelixya.

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Dark Magician Ghoul? Halloween magician girl? Dark Dark Magician Girl? You decide 🤔 Cosplay set for my rookies & up (Link in bio) 💜 Edit & Cosplay: by me Photography: @ 47islands #darkmagiciangirl #darkmagiciangirlcosplay #yugiohcommunity #yugiohcards #yugiohduellinks #yugiohcard #duelmonsters #halloween #yugio

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