As the name suggests, The Seven Deadly Sins manga and anime revolve around a group of characters who see part of their role as inspired by the seven deadly sins. Anger, avarice, gluttony, indolence, envy, lust, pride: everyone has an associated character that plays a role in history.

To have that Merlin is the sin of gluttony, the sorceress of the group of seven deadly sins. For a long time he was the most mysterious character of the manga: he appeared at the end of the first saga in history, was then a very important presence and helped to eliminate several opponents. Among other things, the finale was the protagonist of some fundamental events for the world.

We still don't know if we'll see Merlin again in The Four Knights of the Apocalypse, but in the meantime, thanks to a disguise designed by Kaomedejackson, we can see what it would actually look like. The model has released four photos in which plays Merlin with a cosplay. As you know, the woman leaves large parts of the visible skin: she wears a purple jacket that barely covers her breast and shorts of the same color.

Below you can see the four pictures that guarantee us a bit provocative poses by Merlin. Sure we'll see the character in season four of the anime, as confirmed by the key visual from The Seven Deadly Sins 4.

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