It doesn't take much to inflame the residents of the network. Now there is a site, forum, subreddit for every topic, no matter how new or niche it is. And some of them go viral quickly, as if by accident Samsung's potential new assistant Sam.

Last year, Samsung discontinued its old voice assistant, S Voice, to replace it with Bixby. But in the last few days there seems to be a rendering on the web await the arrival of a new Samsung assistant. In a video uploaded on various platforms such as Youtube, Sam appeared, a 3D animated girl who may join or replace Bixby. It took the web this video of a few seconds to generate a wave of hype in every corner and inevitably produce fan art of all kinds and even cosplay for this new character.

And only from Sam Cosplay Let's talk in this news: The character in a week has become so popular that many models are now throwing themselves into a real-life portrayal. Below is the photo of Angel Kaoru wearing the black shirt with the words Samsung Galaxy on it to interpret this potential Samsung assistant.

Meanwhile, the electronics giant seems to be preparing the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3.

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