For how many years have we been accompanied by the Street Fighter brand? The historic fighting game series debuted in 1987 thanks to Capcom, and has continually renewed its appearance on multiple platforms over the years. Obviously it has also been updated and improved by introducing a large variety of unpublished characters, for example the beautiful Poison.

Long hair, shocking pink and angular, a slightly worn white top that reveals its enormous shapes, a purple hat, a pair of very short shorts and a whip. This is the classic fighter's outfit Street Fighter which, initially, was not added as a playable character. His first appearance in which he was controllable by the player dates back to the Street Fighter x Tekken spin-off crossover, and only with Ultra Street Fighter IV did he become part of the official roster of the series.

Poison's beauty was also introduced in many other media such as anime and manga, but the girl's popularity also led her to receive several real counterparts thanks to the cosplayers. The Italian Jade Robin has decided to offer us his Street Fighter Poison cosplay. In the two photos that we can see in the Instagram post at the bottom of the news, Giada Robin has worked hard to create a poison as sensual as possible, keeping all the details of the outfit.

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