A week after its release, with the sixth installment of Spy x Family already released on Crunchyroll, the fifth installment of Tatsuya Endo's spy comedy continue discussing. On the internet, some users have indeed expressed their disappointment with the content and the handling of the events.

The Japanese portal Myjitsu has published an article pointing out the harsh criticism of Spy x Family 1x05. According to reports, part of the users complained about the way CloverWorks and WIT Studio managed this Events in the castle. Too much importance was given to these compared to what is seen in the manga counterpart.

In Spy x Family's special video, Anya asks her dad Loid to do it recreate an episode of his favorite series, Bondman. To please her daughter, Twilight, with the help of Frankie and the WISE agency, rents a castle and challenges her peers. Eventually, Princess Anya is saved from the clutches of the evil and drunk witch Yor.

Fans on the internet have complained that this story was enhanced with original contentto cover almost an entire episode. However, in the manga, this section is developed in just eight pages.

These reviews have also alternated positive comments. In fact, the animations directed by the two studios were excellent, as was the direction and design worthy of a film version. However, the insatiable users simply could not be defeatedhigh percentage of anime original content (Content created specifically for the anime). And you, what do you think of the matter, did you appreciate the episode or did you also notice a slowdown in tempo?

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