there sixth episode of Spy x Family made its official debut on the Crunchyroll streaming platform. In this new date night anime series from WIT Studio and CloverWorks, Anya takes on a gang of thugs and then takes her first steps at Eden College. Phase two of Operation Strix has begun.

In preparation for Anya's first day of school, Loid and Yor go to a tailor shop to buy somecustom made Eden college uniform. When the child gets their new suit, they love to run around and show it off to everyone. However, this attracts the wrong attention. When Loid goes to work, Yor goes shopping with Anya. In a moment of distraction Anya is kidnapped by a gang of thugs looking for money. Yor's blind rage is unleashed and the kidnappers flee. Anya dreams of becoming just like her mother so that she can defend herself against school bullies on her own.

Meanwhile, Twilight was subpoenaed by the agency. Here he is informed about the Phase two of Operation Strix. She plans to attend an Eden school reunion that Donovan Desmond, the man Twilight must address, will also attend. However, only the families of the most deserving students can attend these meetings. These are called Imperial Scholar. To become part of this elite, Anya needs to conquer 8 stars, which will excel, for example, in studies. Should she perform less honorable deeds, she will be punished with a minus star, called Tonitrus.

Due to her weaknesses, Twilight assigns Anya Forger to this same class as Damian Desmond, second son of Donovan. If her daughter doesn't earn the Stars of Eden, Loid already has a plan B: Anya must befriend her classmate and ask Desmond to invite her home. We remind you that Spy x Family is in the middle of a controversy. Will this new episode also be criticized by some of the users?

That first meeting between Anya and Desmond however, it's not the best. Thanks to her telepathic abilities, the little forger reads the mind of her mate, believed to be of higher ancestry. This irritates Anya, who instead befriends Becky. Anya's first day of school in Spy x Family doesn't start off in the best way.

At the end of the visit to the institute, after a new bickering, Anya applies the teachings of Mother Yor, punches Damian in the face. On her first day of school, Anya already earned a minus Tonitrus star. Should she receive seven more, she will be expelled from Eden. In addition, the friendship with Damian is now in jeopardy. Both Plan A and Twilight Plan B seem to have already failed.

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