Spider-Man: This HaneAme Anti Gwenom cosplay will captivate you

One of Spider-Man's trauma, aka Peter Parker, was the death of Gwen Stacy. The girl died at the hands of the Goblin (or perhaps from the attempt of the wall climber to save her) and from there she always remained dead in the universe of Spider-Man. But this is not true in the other parallel universes where Gwen is alive and well and indeed is also a heroine.

Comics like to explore parallel stories, so what would happen in a universe triggered by an alternate timeline where Gwen becomes a new Spider Man? And the Earth-65 case where Gwen was bitten by a radioactive spider giving life to Spider Woman. On the contrary, it is Peter who dies in this universe and this leads to a perennial fugitive life for Gwen.

In an issue of Spider-Gwen, on the 25th, ours gets a new costume (with attached powers) that you can see in the recent cosplay made by the beautiful HaneAme in the photo below. Blonde and with a white tights with the huge spider symbol on her breast, the model reproduces a splendid one Anti Gwenom cosplay, also called by fans after the latest events. What do you think of this cosplay dedicated to the world of Spider-Man? Don't miss the Final Fantasy Tifa cosplay made by her.

Spider-Man recently celebrated 50 years, being born for Marvel Comics in late April 1970.

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