With so many seasons now produced Sword art online showed so many different characters. We started with the protagonists Kazuya "Kirito" Kirigaya and Asuna Yuuki and then moved on to friends and enemies of various kinds who, in their own way, contributed to the continuation of the main story path. Among these characters there are Sinon.

Though not as famous as Asuna, Sinon got his fair share of fans this has earned her the preparation of dedicated merchandising, as evidenced by the various statuettes of Sinon, which she also depict in different clothes than those shown in the series.

Sinon is Shino Asada's stage name and is a character who appeared for readers of the original work during the second season of Sword Art Online or during the fifth volume of the easy novel by Reki Kawahara. He decides to join Gun Gale Online to help curb his firearms fear after an accident in his childhood.

And it seems to have succeeded like that Kurokona Cosplay on Sinon. The girl from Sword Art Online has come to life and does not hesitate to show herself with various firearms in her hands. Below we see some photos with the realization of the cosplayer. With the completion of Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld, the animated part of the brand is still.

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Pow pow - I put myself in your heart 💚 #sinon from #sao by me✨ Photo & edit by @kei_takasugi_ Я тут вдруг подумала что пора залить сет сord залить сет сord #girl 2015 ахахplaygun #girl # coscoson # gosplaygun есносgо # cosplaygun #sao by me #sao by me sinoncosplay #sinonasada #cosplayphoto #

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#sinonasada of me & 💚 photo of @kei_takasugi_ 📸 Закину ещё пару фоток с Синон * ^ * Фоткаться в горах на закате под звуки шипения змей это одна из старых традицией с @kei_takasugi_ 😌 (на секундочку я их очень боюсь) #swordartonline #saocosplay #sinon #sinoncosplay #cosplay #animecosplay #cosplaygirl #cosplaygun #swordartonline #saocosplay #ggo #ggosinon #sinoncosplay #sinonasada #cosplayphoto # シ ノ ソ ソ ソ ド ド ー ト ト ン ラ イ ス

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