The world of Pokémon is constantly evolving, taking us to different regions and capturing ever-changing pocket creatures. The anime is based on some solid points, however, like the protagonist Ash Ketchum, his loyal pal Pikachu, and a group of criminals with no art or part who are trying in every way to get a spoke in the wheels.

And also in Pokémon: Explorations can't miss Team Rocket, consisting of the usual Jessie, James and Meowth. Fans are now tied to this tiny fringe of the vast group of criminals from the Pokémon world, and it's not surprising that Jessie has also received fan-made characters. But that's not the only thing fans of this gigantic universe give her.

Indeed Jessie often plays in cosplay, made in various ways by fans. This time around, we propose the version of German model Nana Kurunoma, which has a good following as you can see in the photos below. To avoid having the long red hair reproduced with the caricatured hairstyle like in the anime, the cosplayer opted for long red hair that usually falls around the face and behind the shoulders. The rest follows Team Rocket's classic white uniform and certainly couldn't miss a Poké Ball in their hands.

Are you ready to Let this Jessie catch you?

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A contribution from cosplayer and model 🇦🇹 (@ nana.kuronoma)

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