Exactly one month after the release of ONE-PIECE: RED in Japan, the film continues to garner success, after already generating exceptional box office returns that have made it the highest-grossing animated film in TOEI Animation’s history. To celebrate these remarkable achievements, an exciting new trailer has been released.

Waiting for the film to arrive in our cinemas as well Discover the story of Uta, singer known in all seas of Rotta Maggiore, the new promotional and celebration video gives fans different insights into his past. As already known from the other previews and the two prequel episodes, Uta and Luffy spent a few moments together during their childhoodthanks to Shanks’ constant visits to the village of Foosha.

However, as seen in the trailer at the top of the page, on one of many occasions, Shanks returns to the village with his crew, and Luffy anxiously asks him where Uta is. A poignant scene unfolds the task of the little one by the emperor on the island of Elegia. A trauma that didn’t keep Uta from her dream: to become a singer who can give the pirates freedom and hope.

Let us know what you think of these previously unreleased sequences from ONE PIECE: RED in the comments. To finish, we leave you the sketch of Shanks made by Oda to celebrate the film’s success.

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