We said goodbye recently Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. Koyoharu Gotouge's manga finished its serialization on Weekly Shonen Jump on May 18, 2020, so his memory still remains fresh. In conjunction with the publication of the last chapter, tankobon number 20 has also arrived in Japanese comics shops.

There was chaos because, since May 13, the date on which the volume 20 of Demon Slayer was officially put on sale, there have been endless rows outside the stores of the biggest dealers. So they could not fail to be high numbers in the rankings Oricon: the company has just shared the data of the past week, which runs from Monday 11 to Sunday 17 May.

Volume 20 of Demon Slayer has sold 1,086,157 copies. For those who know the manga numbers, they know that it is little compared to the usual. This is due to the fact that together with the normal edition, Shueisha published a volume 20 in a special version that made sparks by selling 904,092 copies and thus bringing the total to 1,990,249. A number that confirms the popularity of Demon Slayer despite the problems of Coronavirus, a pandemic that has limited the numbers of other manga.

The volume 20 in a special edition also confirms the exceptional nature of Demon Slayer since it is one of the highest numbers ever for a tankobon with gadgets attached. In comparison, the latest special volumes of The Attack of the Giants have sold no more than 500,000 copies. The numbers of this volume 20 of Demon Slayer will increase again over time, being only in the first week of sales, and will undoubtedly reach the milestone of 3 million as the previous volumes.

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