Trafalgar D. Water Law, the pirate's full name, first appeared to the Shabondy archipelago during a saga that readers of ONE PIECE will never forget. After the timeskip he became one of the most important characters of the plot having had a leading role in Punk Hazard, Dressrosa, Zou and now Wanokuni.

His prominent contribution may stop with this saga, but it will still take some time for Eiichiro Oda to complete it therefore it is useless to think about it too much. Instead, to ease the waiting time between a chapter of ONE PIECE and the other, we propose a cosplay that shows us what Trafalgar Law could be like for women.

To interpret the genderbent is SammysCosplay who in the past presented us with a satisfying Nami cosplay. In the photo below you can appreciate the Trafalgar Law cosplay woman with an inspiration to the post timeskip seen cloths. In fact, both the hat and the long black coat refer to Law's second clothing, as well as the jeans with brown prints. Besides the sword on the shoulders, the top with the yellow Pirate Heart symbol and the eye-catching black tattoo on the chest can be seen. What do you think of this Trafalgar Law for women?

Meanwhile, the ONE PIECE manga continues with chapter 980.

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Shambles! 🔛 I'm blown away by all the love on my female Law cosplay! This is the complete look! Really happy how the jeans and top turned out! The coat was provided by you guys with Ko-fi donations! 💛🖤 📸: @kevinjeukens @kevinjeukens #femalelaw #trafalgarlaw #onepiece #onepiececosplay #monkeydluffy #corazon #heartpirates #onepieceedit #law #doflamingo

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