In both the manga and the anime of One-Punch Man we have known really beautiful and breathtaking heroines. Fubuki, Tatsumaki's younger sister, certainly belongs to this category. But even among the monsters there are those who have a body capable of leaving fans stunned. And among the female characters of this genre there is Monster Princess.

Also known as Do-S, is a mysterious being who has had several roles in the current One-Punch Man saga. The monster remains attractive despite what it has under its mask and for this reason it is at the center of some cosplay made by some fans. We recently showed you SquishuBunny's Do-S cosplay, while today we offer you that prepared by Ashlynn Dae.

The model uploaded this new one to Instagram Do-S cosplay, where he prepared the rather sadistic and less opaque looking costume. Platinum blonde hair is adorned with a black rose while the pink heart is very noticeable on the forehead. The girl also holds the famous whip in her hands which she uses to torture her prey. Would you get caught by this Monster Princess?

Recently, Yusuke Murata decided to redesign chapter 103 of One-Punch Man, in which this monster appears as an enemy.

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๐Ÿ’—Don't you want to spend some quality time together? ๐Ÿ’— This month on Pรคtr3รดรฑ I have two Do-S sets dropping! I'm glad I finished her before all the closures so we could shoot her! So many people messaged me when she debuted in the manga asking if I was going to cosplay her lol! Probably one of the most requested characters Iโ€™ve ever cosplayed! I hope you all like it! Even though the cosplay doesn't look like consists of much I worked really hard on it! It was a fun challenge to make a harness bodysuit like this! If you want to see more make sure to follow the l1nk in my b10 !! Photo by @happytriggerla Cosplay made by me #onepunchman #onepunchmancosplay #cosplay

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