Known to manga readers for a long time, Tobi Roppo were also introduced in the ONE PIECE anime. This group, whose name translates as “The Six Flying Warriors”, was presented in two parts: the first in Wano, when only X-Drake and Page One were shown, the second in Onigashima recently with the six full.

And so, in addition to the two we have already met, we also saw Sasaki, Who’s Who, Black Maria and Ulti for the first time. In a way, Everyone managed to show off in the few seconds that they have shown in ONE PIECE so far. Ulti, the sister of Page One and who has not failed to comment on Kaido inappropriately, immediately stands out among these.

The anime has formalized the coloring of Ulti, with very special hair that falls in tufts of blue, pink, and white, while the typical horns of the Kaido pirate uniform stand out on the sides of the head. the face is partially covered by a mask, while the outfit ends with a blue cape and a white and light blue dress, which we also see in the exhibition Ulti cosplay made down by the Japanese Touma.

Did you enjoy seeing this new ONE PIECE character alive? If you’re curious, here are the origins of Tobi Roppo’s Frutti del Diavolo.

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