Officially announced on Goku Day in May 2021, the title of the new Dragon Ball Super movie, due to be released in 2022, has finally been revealed with the first details and character design. Much attention has been paid to the animation method, which focuses on computer graphics.

But the title and the featured characters also attracted attention. Obviously there is always Goku, the inevitable protagonist of Dragonball Super, to everyone's surprise, there is a more grown-up Pan, hinting at a leap in time, and then two unreleased characters who seem specially prepared to face a superhero's opponents. By the way, only those Title Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero calls for the presence of a superhero.

So it seems like the perfect movie for Gohan's return, doesn't it better than Great Saiyaman. For a long time as this mysterious fighter disguised with the peculiar dances and the green and black costume, he may be needed again. In addition, Pan's presence seems to indicate a strong presence of the second generation of the Son family.

We will see Gohan in tights again, maybe with Videl, who had been his shoulder for a long time to earn the respect of little Pan? We'll find out with the next details of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in the coming months.

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