The legends pass, but Eiichiro Oda never loses his imagination and therefore always manages to suggest new characters. Some disappear within a short time, others manage to play a supporting role and cover an entire saga. But others too become fundamental for the continuation of ONE PIECE, and left an important mark in history.

One of the recent additions has caused quite a stir for a number of reasons. Yamato is Kaido's daughter, but she hasn't turned out to be him. With a turbulent history behind him, the new character is now striving to become one one of the crew members protagonist of ONE PIECE. Lately even the viewers of the anime have known Yamato without a mask and over time they will deepen this character more and more, which has already earned the recognition of many fans, also thanks to the manga much later in the events.

They are not uncommon Yamato cosplay in ONE PIECE online, as the cosplayer Tara demonstrates. The girl decided to play Kaido's daughter by posing with the white dress and red horns as you can see in the photo. Tara seems to have done all the details well, from the shade of the hair to that of the horns, creating a good cosplay.

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