Even twenty years after the saga began one piece it is continuously confirmed as one of the most successful works. The fans' love for the Eiichiro Oda franchise is limitless and this new cosplay is further confirmation.

At the moment the One Piece Manga is on break. As the official Twitter account confirms, Oda has been blocked due to illness, but the mangaka appears ready to return in Volume 46 of Weekly Shonen Jump, a Japanese magazine dealing with the publication of One Piece. For Eiichiro Oda this was a real disappointment; The author is indeed embroiled in an impossible mission, publish the 1000 chapter of One Piece by the end of the year.

In anticipation of this highly anticipated event, cosplayer @ mr.yosuke paid homage one of the most popular characters of the entire saga: Portuguese D. Ace, Luffy's missing brother. His interpretation published on Instagram is almost perfect and deserves a live action film. From the symbolic hat to the necklace; Every detail corresponds to the original character and is in the right place.

Ace was also the commander of the Whitebeard Pirate's second fleet Owner of the Rogia Foco Foco Fruitwhich allows him to turn into fire and manipulate the flames. After Ace is captured by Marshall D. Teach, he is executed by Admiral Akainu. Luffy will never forgive himself for this event. And what do you think of Ace and this fantastic cosplay?

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ONE PIECE 🏴‍☠️ACE Your 2nd Whitebeard Pirates Division Commander here 💪🏻🔥. #onepiece #onepieceanime #onepiececosplay #onepiececosplayer #portgasdace #ace #portgasdacecosplay #acecosplay #cosplay #whitebeardpirates #pirate

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