Wano is a saga of ONE PIECE this has been with us for some time. After the dress pink and Whole Cake Island legends that separated the crew, this time the Mugiwara are all together and have adapted to the occasion with their new outfits. Whoever stands out the most is of course there beautiful Nami.

The navigator of the protagonists of ONE PIECE has changed clothes several times in the last 90 chapters, but recently We saw her many times in a kunoichi costume, thanks to the transformative power of Kin'emon. Nami is always sexy, even without the intervention of the samurai, who made the dress even less opaque. She shows herself with a blue kimono and some white floral motifs as well as a belt at the waist.

Loserchan decided to perform This Nami cosplay with two photosas you can see through the Reddit post below which went viral immediately in the ONE PIECE section. The long orange hair has been tied back with a blue bow while the rest of the dress follows Nami's version of Wano.

It's not the only one Nami This is what we recently introduced to you: The beautiful navigator has also shown herself in the Awesomi cosplay in an Alabasta theme. The greatest expectation, however, is to see who will play her in ONE PIECE live action, with some voices that seem to take Emily Rudd for granted in the role of Nami.

Wano Nami Cosplay from r / OnePiece

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