The practice of cosplay is now clarified. The interpretation of one's own favorite character from the world of anime and manga - and not only - has meanwhile become widespread all over the world, and with the approach of the trade fairs everyone devotes themselves to these disguises. Even without comic fairs in 2020, there were many One piece cosplay.

On the Instagram pages of fans of the world created by Eiichiro Oda, we saw cosplay of various types, from amateur to more professional, but in general most of them were about photos or photo sets. This time Sammyscosplay decided to do something different.

She played on ONE PIECE like many others, including a double with Sanji and Zoro and another with a female Trafalgar Law. In these and many others, however, she limited herself to a few photos. Instead, he decided with the new creation not only to distribute three photos, but also one photo on Instagram Video with her Nami Cosplay.

Sammyscosplay flipped the post below over the three photos of Nami in the classic green costume and decided to make a video that takes up the typical pose of the cat thief with a lot of music in the background, reminiscent of the one used for the commercial break for the episodes of ONE PIECE in Japan. A choice that is certainly rare, if not unique, with few cosplaying on video.

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Nami Swan ๐ŸŠ๐Ÿงก I finally cosplayed your timeskip version !! I also uploaded quite a few of her to my OnlyFans, so grab it! #nami #namicosplay #onepiece #op #onepiececosplay #monkeydluffy #luffy #zoro #roronoazoro #sanji #vinsmokesanji #tonytonychopper #franky #brook #nicorobin #namiswan

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