Black Clover has introduced unpublished enemies to the manga, with the most recent story arc linked to the Kingdom of the Swords. The so-called Dark Triad has so far brought the protagonists into serious trouble, and even Asta was in the middle of a battle that could sanction the fate of the magical world.

We saw this in previous chapters Clash between Yami and Dante, but the Black Bull captain could not stand the rhythms and strength of the new enemy transformation. For this reason, Asta had to intervene: the protagonist of Black Clover decided to speak to his demon in order to gain a power that is greater than that received so far.

As a result in Black clover 259 The boy received a completely new right arm and a demonic magic that envelops him differently than the previous ones. In the minute allowed, Asta must team up with Yami to defeat the enemy, who, however, appears to regenerate after every injury and change his body.

The key to the fight is to hit him repeatedly with that Asta's anti-magical powerwho uses the two swords that he owns thanks to his library. However, the attacks seem to have little effect and in the end Yami lends his katana to the young man. Asta boosts it to the last second with demonic power and starts an attack that definitely wounded and stunned Dante. The couple finally managed to overthrow a member of the Dark Triad.

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