The world of ONE PIECE OF Cosplay mainly revolves around its female characters. Although there are many fans, most of them revolve around making models suggesting the most beautiful women in manga and anime. Even male cosplay manages to create a space, as happened to the cosplay couple Zoro Sanji.

One of the fan-favorite characters is definitely Roronoa Zoro, who recently took the world rankings with the unpublished ONE PIECE poll. And for this reason, today we offer you a perfect cosplay from Gatz. The French cosplayer has posted several photos of him on Instagram Roronoa Zoro Cosplayas can be seen in the posts below.

Both in its version with processing as well as with the setting and in the photos without you can feel the whole strength of this Zoro. The costume is usually used by the swordsman of the straw hat pirates or the green kimono with the reddish belt. What do you think about this One piece cosplay?

Always drawn from the world of Eiichiro Oda, thanks to the cosplay of Drakul Mihawk from Axel, even the main opponent - but also temporarily the master - of Zoro has become real.

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A contribution by Gatz ⚡️ (@gatz_cosplay)

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