NieR Automata was one of the most successful Hack'n Slash games in recent years. Square Enix's product will reach 5 million copies over time thanks to constant sales. Despite the three and a half years after debut, he continues to grind numbers and fans. Much of the credit also goes to the charm of the company Protagonist 2B.

Her silhouette is now well known: that of a curvilinear and very attractive girl with white hair in a bob, a black dress that makes her legs clearly visible, and a black ribbon that covers her eyes. In addition to the utensils, there is also a pair of long boots and socks. We have already presented one Cosplay theme 2B a few months ago or that of the beautiful Sayathefox.

This time, the character of NieR: Automata is recreated, but by the cosplayer Mariia Karpenko, Ukrainian who logs on to social networks with the nickname Fenix ​​Fatalist. The girl plays the role of a truly ultra-realistic 2B. In addition to the meticulous work devoted to the costume, Fenix ​​Fatalist shows a terrifying photo that makes the image she represents of 2B extremely realistic. Behind it we see the background with destroyed industrial buildings that we saw in the phases of the history of the video game. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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