Since information leaked about Naruto's new transformation, Baryon Mode, the community has begun envisioning a sequel without the character who started it all, in the original work by Masashi Kishimoto, who recently returned to the director. The work of Boruto: Naruto the next generations.

This is because just before arriving on the battlefield where Sasuke and Boruto faced Isshiki In Jigen's body, Naruto agreed to use a force that had never appeared on the series before, which Kurama's words would have caused the deaths of both, considering that activating that force continually depletes their respective chakras.

Chapter 53 led to the conclusion of the confrontation with Isshiki trying to give Kawaki a new karma brandwho, thanks to a clever strategy, managed to gain enough time to knock his opponent to the ground. Given these moments of apparent calm, Sasuke immediately asks Naruto about the excessive amount of energy he has expended, however the evasive reactions of the Hokage and the terrible intervention of Boruto, controlled by Momoshiki, cut off the conversation.

Currently, Naruto does not seem to have suffered serious consequences of using the baryon modewhich could still prove hugely deadly, and possibly significantly cut his life force and thus his time as Konoha's protector. Recall that Sasuke may have lost his most powerful technique, and we'll leave the details of the Jougan, the new eye art introduced in the sequel.

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