In the world of NarutoAll eyes are definitely on Tsunade and her large breasts. The fifth Hokage, in fact, has a not indifferent scope and few have managed to propose it with a faithful cosplay. But among the various characters designed by Masashi Kishimoto who have bodies that can keep up is certainly Hinata Hyuga.

Naruto's future wife, Hinata always kept her body hidden Even if it was determined in various specials how curvilinear and rich in material in the right places. We saw the character in all of his shyness and beauty in Toullaghoul cosplay, as we now see her bursting into her pre-cosplay created by Unique Sora.

The girl had already tried herself with a Tsunade cosplay in the Naruto universe, but now she has decided to prepare her version of another important female character. The Hinata Hyuga Cosplay What you can see below has already gone viral with over 40,000 likes. Unique Sora has used the same clothing items as Naruto Shippuden, and while it certainly has a darker complexion than its comic book counterpart, the details seem well done, making for a pretty faithful hinata while at the same time keeping the explosiveness of the physical intact.

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