Naruto is a popular series that follows the adventures of the young ninja Naruto Uzumaki on a journey of mission and exploration that will lead him to discover other places as well. In fact, the world created by Masashi Kishimoto is imaginary but very widewith different ninja villages and towns that exist on each ninja continent.

One of the most important lands in Naruto's world is the Sand Village, a ninja community in the land of the wind. The Sand Village is known for having some of the strongest ninja in Naruto's world: Among the most powerful ninja in the Sand Village are Gaara, the fifth Kazekage, and his brother Kankuro. Both prove to be skilled warriors and adept at using sand manipulation techniques. Gaara, in particular, has earned a reputation as one of the strongest ninja in Naruto's world thanks to his ability to manipulate sand for offense and, more importantly, for defense.

Belongs to the Sand Village ninja and belongs to the same group as Gaara and Kankuro there is also temari, a female character who has proven to be an exceptional warrior. Temari, who is also the older sister of two ninjas in her party, is known for her dexterity with her giant fan, which allows her to create powerful gusts of wind to defeat her enemies.

Yelihina wanted to build on that character to create this Temari cosplay from Naruto Shippuden which you see below. The black dress is the same one worn immediately after the two-year time skip, and obviously the giant fan with a white and purple dot theme isn't missing. Also from the same series, here is a cosplay of Sakura Haruno and a cosplay of Hokage Tsunade.

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