Not so long ago the manga of My hero academia it has peaked, or at least started to aim straight for the finale. In any case, given the large number of questions waiting to be answered, this conclusion will not come so quickly, and a long and definitive narrative arc cannot be ruled out.

While Deku continues to show his growth in the last few chapters, the author is now Kohei Horikoshi He takes some time to share his protagonist's improvements before putting his classmates back in the spotlight Midoriya. In any case, the recent events of the manga have raised the bar significantly for the work that has amused and fascinated more and more readers around the world for several months now.

This also leads to a notable increase in popularity and direct manifestations of creativity. In this regard, recently the cosplayer Nymphahri shared his latest personal rendition of a character with the theme of My Hero Academia on the famous social network Reddit. The heroine whom the artist paid homage is Uravity, Code name of Uraraka. The interpretation in question, which you can admire in the photo below on the news, has been greatly appreciated by fans who have noticed a strong resemblance between the cosplay and the original character.

And you, on the other hand, do you agree with the opinion of the fans, do you like this Nymphahri cosplay? Let us know as a comment below

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