Work in Dragon Ball Super It didn't have to have been easy for Akira Toriyama, who ended the prequel with a leap in time. The decision to include the story in this timeframe brings with it a whole host of problems that have often and willingly opened a plot hole.

Finally, Chapter 71 of Dragon Ball Super has reached readers with an episode that marks the real beginning of the new saga with theupcoming meeting between Goku and Vegeta with Granolah. In anticipation of the next implications of the story and Toriyama and Toyotaro's intentions to unfold the Saiyans' past in line with the fate of the cereleans, fans have already begun exploring the details of the final chapter online.

In fact, careful analysis of the output revealed one strange detail that has yet to be clarified. We know that as soon as they are used, earth dragon balls turn to stone and remain so for a year until a wish can be granted again. In Chapter 59 in the middle of the Molo sagaGohan speaks to his father and warns him that he has put all the dragon balls aside except for Dende to use. No indication, as you can see from the table at the bottom of the messages, of the fact that Shenron was actually evoked. The last time we know for sure that they were called It was during the Broly movie, but since then and the events of Molo should have been well over a year. It is not ruled out that Gohan really made an off-screen request or maybe someone else, or that the radar is simply broken. However, nothing has ever been mentioned since then and it feels strange as every request has at least been specified in the story.

Will there be a specific reason for this or is there just a problem with the story? Let us know what you think with a comment below.

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